Valentino at Somerset House

My fashionista friend was visiting London this weekend so we decided to pop over to the Valentino Exhibition at Somerset House. This weekend being the last chance to see the Italian couturist’s master pieces, we thought it was appropriate to be organised and book tickets in advance. However, we quickly found out that even a ticket with a dedicated entry slot wasn’t a guarantee for a stress free way in to admire Valentino’s creations. Huge queues outside Somerset House told about the popularity of this show from far away.

With big hopes that the exhibition would be worth the wait, we obediently waited almost an hour to get inside the show rooms. There is no denying that Valentino’s beautiful dresses are very unique and some of the iconic dresses that Jacqueline Kennedy or Princess Diana wore at their time were very nice to see. Also the 360 video tour of Valentino’s work with interviews by the Master of Couture was very interesting. However, the exhibition did leave a little disappointed feeling behind. The queues, limited selection of dresses, uninspiring display of Valentino’s exhibits were not what we had in mind when booking to see this show. Even the gallery shop failed to meet the expectation of offering books to buy of Valentino’s work.

So no recommendation this time, but that’s actually good for once, as today is the last day of the show.


Somerset House
Metro:Temple, Covent Garden, Charing Cross and Embankment


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One thought on “Valentino at Somerset House

  1. Oh bummer, I’m sorry to hear it didn’t live up to expectations. A one hour queue?! That’s crazy, this is not a new ride at Disneyland ha. Somerset House is such a gorgeous venue though no? I used to go there pretty often when I lived in London, such a grand feeling to it. Have a fab weekend xx

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