Some Like It Hip Hop in London


I made a little diversion from my regular visits to see the ballet to enjoy an evening watching a hip hop show at the Peacock Theatre in London. And WHOA! The show called ‘Some Like it Hip Hop’ by the dance company Zoonation is phenomenal! You can see a little clip on Youtube to get an idea or another clip to understand the passionate story behind the show.

Zoonation, which is directed by London’s famous dance venue Sadler’s Wells’ associate Kate Prince, is a hip hop dance theatre of talented dancers, musicians and actors. ‘Some Like it Hip Hop’ is a return production to the Peacock Theatre given its previous mega success. I doubt the success is vanishing at any rate this time around either. The show makes hip hop look sophisticated, effortless and fun. The dancers’ moves are as light as feather, the singers’ deep vocals are brilliant and the jazz and blues mixed hip hop soundtrack is catching.

The show definitely also entertains my somewhat feminist mind. The story commences with a scene where women are banned from work and placed in subservient roles. An explanation of how to treat a woman during a date  includes instructions such as don’t talk to a woman about complex topics like economics and politics as her head will explode. However, two industrious women rebel against the ruthless governor of the town and prove themselves in the man’s world with equal strength, wit and stamina. I think Kate Prince has managed to craft a story which shows how women still today need to adapt to the man’s world, for instance by dressing up unfeminine or standing up against men, in order to be taken seriously and make an impact.

What I also loved about ‘Some Like It Hip Hop’ is that it reminded me why I liked hip hop during my teenage years. Hip hop can be fun, energetic and cheeky. It’s not just about gangsta rap that encourages kids to loot, violate and harm others. The positive outlook of Zoonation still creates a smile on my face and makes me want to dance. Shows are still running until the end of June so catch it while you can!


Peacock Theatre
Portugal Street, WC2A 2HT, London, United Kingdom

(c) Nordic Odyssey 2013. All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Some Like It Hip Hop in London

  1. That is my kind of storyline!! Sounds like a fantastic show, really unusual too. I used to be quite into hiphop back in the day, maybe I should dig some out and have a listen – how old is too old for hip hop?!

    1. Haha, I know exactly what you mean. I feel like starting to sound like my parents when I go on how ‘music used to be much better when I was young…’ I believe you aren’t too old for anything, ever!

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