Soothing Swan Lake

I’ve had the music from the Swan Lake ballet on my iPod for years now, waiting for the days when I need some calming influence in my life. There is something about Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece that relaxes the mind and helps me to think about just beautiful things.

I had the pleasure seeing English National Ballet perfoming my favourite classical ballet in the Royal Albert Hall this Friday. Here are a few pictures to put you in the mood as well. The best part of the ballet were of course the graceful swans which there must have been at least 60 on the stage, moving in perfect harmony. When it comes to soothing things to do after a stressful week at work, Swan Lake would come up very high on my list!




Royal Albert Hall
Kensington Gore, South Kensington, London, SW7 2AP, United Kingdom
Box Office Tel: 0845 401 5045

(c) Nordic Odyssey 2013. All Rights Reserved.


3 thoughts on “Soothing Swan Lake

    1. Don’t we all need sometimes a little escape from the cold realities of the world, selfishness and injustice? Sometimes it’s just great to feel that everything is beautiful. Classical music helps me with that. 🙂

  1. Wow, this looks like an incredible performance Kristiina. I soooo miss the RAH, such a brilliant venue, am very envious right now!!

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