Highlights of St Lucia

The Caribbean was hit by one of the worst hurricanes of its history this autumn resulting in devastation not seen before. The destruction that natural forces made shows how nature’s forces have the capacity to create something so beautiful but also something oh so very ugly. Us travellers are extremely fortunate to choose the times when we visit places of the world and have the privilege to experience only the best of what they have to offer, often forgetting the flip side. This is how we experienced St Lucia this November when we did our first long haul holiday with our 6-month old baby.

As we were travelling with a small baby we knew we would not be doing huge amount of touring. We still wanted to get to know a few different parts of the island so we chose to stay in three resorts along the west coast: Fond Doux Plantation, Windjammer Landing and Capella by Marigot Bay. All three places had very distinct characters.

Fond Doux Plantation‘s main strength was how authentic and natural it felt. We had a cottage called ‘Tree House’ and it was literally sandwiched within natural surroundings of a thick rain forest. During the night we could listen to animals and insects, trees shivering in the wind and rain pounding on the roof soothing us all quickly to sleep. The staff in the hotel were the nicest we could ask for always greeting us with the most upbeat manner and making us feel like the most important guests they had.

Windjammer Landing was a large estate with numerous hotel rooms and apartment villas. Where it lacked some character, it made up with extensive facilities. We enjoyed soaking in the warm swimming pools, strolling on the beach, taking part in exercises classes and sipping cocktails at the beach side pool.

We left Capella by Margot Bay to last as it was the most luxurious hotel where we stayed and we wanted to leave the island on a high. The resort was indeed very beautiful nestled in the luscious Marigot Bay filled with impressive boats. Perhaps it was due to us visiting the hotel just before the start of the high season, but it was a little lifeless with other guests seeming to prefer their own solitude rather than mingling with others.

We enjoyed our stay nevertheless, how could we not? The huge swimming pool provided endless joy to our baby, and the sun loungers with canopies were perfect for reading a book and relaxing whenever we had a chance. I went for a facial at their beautiful spa sanctuary and even did a body scrub making lesson there. The restaurants were excellent, particularly the Grill where the Grilled Yellowfin Tuna was perhaps the best dish I’ve eaten during the whole of 2017.

The holiday had so many highlights which I’ve listed below along with some photos. We left the island extremely spoiled and well rested and in aww of what a paradise it is. We just hope it remains this way for the future generations to come and also for our baby to experience again perhaps in his adult life. Many of the actions we take today have a direct influence in this.


Highlights of our trip to St Lucia

Dipping in the swimming pool at the Fond Doux Plantation hotel surrounded by incredible rainforest
Sunbathing at the Sugar Beach nestled between the Grand and Petit Piton
Admiring the view of the Petit Piton from the decking of the Hotel Chocolat and digging into a gorgeous chocolate dessert
Marvelling at the views from the top of the Gros Piton after a 1.5h steep hike
Resting at the mid-way point on a Gros Piton hike and seeing the most gorgeous view of the Petit Piton
Walking up the Stairway to Heaven with my baby along the Tet Paul nature trail
Sipping cocktails at the Windjammer Landing beach bar and admiring the gorgeous seaview
Watching spectacular sunsets from the terrace of our villa
Visiting the Pigeon Island National Park and appreciating better what historical significance the place has for St Lucia
Having lunch at the Barnacles on the Pigeon Island and enjoying a respite from the hot weather in the shade of their simplistically but stylishly decorated restaurant
Having great seafood with some Piton beers at Barnacles. The best and cheapest lunch we had!
Taking a boat trip to Anse Chastenet and snorkelling along its shores
Staying at the Capella Marigot Bay
Starting the day with the best banana pancakes at the Capella Marigot Bay
Relaxing and sunbathing at Capella Marigot Bay. The best type of sun lounger has a canopy!
Enjoying a plate of sushi at the Capella’s Brut pool bar
Doing a rum tasting class at Capella’s Rum Cave
Enjoying an evening walk around Marigot Bay admiring the beautiful boats and incredible sunset


Pigeon Point, Cap Estate, Gros-Islet, St Lucia
+1 758 286 6944

Boucan – Hotel Chocolat
The Rabot Estate, Soufriere, St Lucia
+ 1 758 572 9600

Viceroy Sugar Beach
Val Des Pitons, Soufriere, St Lucia
+ 1 758 456 8000

Pigeon Island National Landmark

Gros Pitons hike

Tet Paul Nature Trail

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